Engagement Shoot Makeup Advice

7th February 2021

With engagement shoots becoming more and more popular it makes total sense to have your makeup done by your wedding makeup artist for this.

Not only will you get the benefits of the staying power and longevity for your pre-wedding shoot makeup as you will on your big day – a professional wedding makeup artist knows all the tricks and tips to ensure your makeup looks amazing on camera.

My mantra for Bridal makeup has always been “The ultimate version of you” and when you view your pictures from your pre-wedding shoot to the big day itself having your makeup professionally done for both will add to the magic of the story.

The general advice for your pre-wedding shoot makeup is to go for a slightly softer version of your wedding makeup. For the big day itself you will be going all out with your gown, hair and flowers and the makeup brings the entire look together, your pre-wedding shoot however will usually have a more relaxed intimate feel to it.

I had the pleasure of doing the gorgeous Samantha’s makeup for both her pre-wedding shoot and wedding day (photography by Green Button Photography), for both occasions we used the same colour palette went for a bronze smoky eye paired with a beige nude lip however for the daytime shoot we softened the look back to make it more appropriate for the images then went full on glam for the wedding.

We did this by intensifying the darkness of the smoky eye, using a fuller, more fluttery false lash and dialling up the intensity of the lip and cheek to compliment Samantha’s amazing goddess like gown and super glam hairstyle.

The overall feel of the two looks add to the story by enhancing Samantha’s natural beauty for the daytime shoot then pulling out all the stops for the wedding day itself while still following the same theme.

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