MAC Eyeshadow finish and texture guide

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A Guide to MAC Eyeshadow Finshes/Textures

With so many options out there and with a HUUUUUGE range of eyeshadows offered by MAC, I have put together this guide to help you choose between your mattes and your metallics.

All swatches below are taken from my MAC  Cool Neutral and Warm Neutral palettes, for a full review of these, please check out my blog post


MAC Frost finish eyeshadows have a radiant shimmery effect as opposed to a glittery one.  As with all MAC eye shadows they have a wide range of colour options and are a popular choice for both makeup artists and customers alike.

Colour payoff, blendability and pigmentation concentration is very good, however a word of warning for ladies with a slightly “crepey” lid.  The iridescent appearance does have a tendency to highlight uneven skin texture so can enhance lines and wrinkles.

I also have used some of the lighter shades as hilighters on the face on the cupids bow, brow bone and bridge of the nose as part of the contouring process.

Shades swatched in image from left to right..

Gingersnap –

Amber Lights –Vanilla Extract –

Sun Tweaked –

Crushed Clove –

Deception –

French Clay –

Cumulus –


Lustre eye shadows have a very dry but shimmery texture with chunky glitter and have a tendency to drop when applied so if you intend you use these, it is definitely advisable to use a good eye shadow primer first or apply using a mixing medium like MAC fix+.  As always I would definitely say to do your eye makeup before your base then clean up afterwards.

Once again they will hi-light uneven skin texture so bear that in mind also.

Shades swatched in image from Left to Right..

Creative Copper-

Honey Lust –

Silver Fog –


Matte eyeshadows are those without any shimmer/sheen/glitter. They have flat color with varying degrees of opacity. MAC’s Mattes are generally well pigmented and blend easily however I would suggest sticking to the main line colours as the limited edition ones can be a bit hit and miss in terms of quality of pigment.

Shades Swatched in image from Left to Right..

Dance in the Dark –


Flounce –

Blackberry –

Pick Me Up –

Cozy Grey –


MAC’s Satin eyeshadows vary in their finish and range from very matte to extremely iridescent. The majority have a very subtle sheen or demi-matte appearance. Overall they are a good middle ground between daytime and more glamourous, evening textures and shades. And all have a very silky and blendable feel.

Shades Swatched in image from Left to Right..

Sweet Allure – 

Brun –

Warm Breeze –

Brule –

Butterfudge –


 MAC Veluxe Pearl eye shadows are a favourite of mine.  They are more sparkly than a pearl finish but have a much better blendibility and less “chunky”glitter than the lustre shadows. Easy to use and very beautiful finish.

Shades Swatched in image from Left to Right..

Hey –

Lemon Tart –

Unwind –

After Dusk –

Pearled Earth –


MAC Velvet eyeshadows once again come with varying degrees of sparkle  howver I find that the more glittery shades need to be applied with a mixing medium such as MAC Fix+  otherwise it doesn’t translate very well.

Shades Swatched in image from Left to Right..

Black Tied – 

Dark Brew –

Divine Decadence –

I hope you have found the above guide useful.  If you have any favourites from MAC or other brands please feel free to comment below.  I love to know what you all enjoy using!

Until next time, stay gorgeous…

James xxxx

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