The Festival Bride – Part 2

30th January 2021

The theme for Sophie’s wedding look was “Festival Bride”. The reception was to be held at Sophie’s parents incredible home in the Shropshire countryside complete with Marquee and tents for a true Glastonbury vibe and lots of amazing flower arrangements.

For Sophie’s makeup, we pulled elements from the two makeups we had trialled. As Sophie was not a big wearer of eyeshadow we opted for a soft lilac toned matte shadow from Delilah Cosmetics to enhance her beautiful green eyes along with Sophie’s signature lashings of volumizing mascara.

I applied a very thin liquid liner to Sophie’s upper lash line using my go-to “Panther” pen from Charlotte Tilbury and a flesh toned “Eye Cheat” pencil along the waterline for a brightening effect.

While the weather is generally unreliable in England, the wedding landed on the weekend of a historic heatwave! Having combination skin, we used Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation on Sophie for a long wear base and used less highlighting products to avoid the makeup looking too shiny as the day progressed with the unprecedented heat.

The skin was warmed up and sculpted using “Sunset” matte bronzer from Delilah Cosmetics and I applied just a touch of “Soft and Gentle” MAC highlighter to the high points of Sophie’s face.

For the lips we used “Pillow Talk” lipstick and liner from Charlotte Tilbury for a universally flattering nude pink.

Sophie’s look was completed with an elegant dress with pretty lace detailing and what festival bride would be complete without an arrangement of flowers atop her cascading, softly waved hair. The overall look was very beautiful, and in keeping with the “forest nymph queen” vibe Sophie and I joked about.

Looking at the photos of the makeup as the day progressed I was pleased to see that the makeup looked even better as the day went on and took the makeup from being flawless and polished on the morning to being naturally glowing and just a little bit sexier for the evening.

Stay tuned for Part 3 and please do contact me to discuss all of you bridal and special occasion requirements.

Photographer: Andi Li

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